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Catalog Santa Rosa

Whatever your company specializes in, we believe catalog printing is a vital tactic to promote your business. Many large enterprises update their catalogs every year. Have you ever used up your brains to design and print a distinctive catalog?

There are many options to distinguish your catalog from the sea of all kinds of catalogs. You can do much better than print a plain catalog with mere pictures and description of your products. Check out what alternatives you have.

Catalog Santa Rosa

Printing Options to Distinguish Your Catalog Santa Rosa

Different layout

You can design your Catalog Santa Rosa to be portrait or landscape. The latter is less common and may stand out of the ordinary.

Different binding style

You may find that most catalogs are paperback. There are also hardcover catalogs. Rare things are always more attractive. It would absolutely amaze your customers if you send them a luxurious case-bound catalog.

Various back processes

Your catalog can be more than just print on paper. A diversity of back processes can be done to add to the charm of your catalog.

Lamination or varnishing

Lamination and varnishing prevent the cover of your catalog from being easily torn or smudged. Gloss lamination and varnishing also help to make your catalog look shiny.

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